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1. I like how I’m able to lead with confidence.
2. I’m proud of myself for only asking for one day off. I worked full time the last two months and only took 6 days off in total.
3. When put in a clutch situation, I’m able to preform.
4. I take pride in my video game achievements. Every game I dedicate myself to, I reach the top 1% of players.
5. I’m more proactive than reactive.

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how to live dangerously: play rpg with no healer in party

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i havent made any really bad decisions lately im getting bored

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2.5k milestone!

Just made 2.5k~ I’m pretty tired I just went on an 8 day work week if that makes any sense. This past week I made one thousand. Average would be 150 a day and it peaked at 200 on July 6th. Pretty crazy. I get paid for 10 hours and help set up / take down things. Currently getting paid 12 dollars an hour but it can raise depending on how busy the day was. I mean I made 20 an hour for a day which was pretty cool lol

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